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The Culinary Adventurer’s Top 10 Food Destinations


Food is an adventure, and some of the best adventures are in your mouth. The Culinary Adventurer’s Top 10 Food Destinations list is a curated list of cities that will delight and surprise you with their food culture. From fine dining to street food markets, these destinations are sure to please even the most discerning of palates.

New Orleans

New Orleans is a city in Louisiana, United States. It’s known for its food and music–and it has a rich history of both. The city was the birthplace of jazz, and many culinary traditions were born here as well.

It all started with gumbo; New Orleans chef Justin Wilson claims that he invented this Creole-inspired stew back in 1907 at his restaurant named after himself! Today you can find authentic gumbo at any number of restaurants across town (like Willie Mae’s Scotch House). If you’re looking for something more traditional, try out Cochon Butcher or Butcherie Bistro (where they serve up everything from fried chicken sandwiches to duck confit).

If seafood’s more your thing than meaty dishes like duck confit then head over to Acme Oyster House where they serve up fresh oysters from around the world every day–plus there are always other types available too if you don’t want them raw! But wait there’s more: if seafood isn’t really your thing but instead just want something sweet then check out Le Bon Temps Roule Bakery where they make amazing pastries including beignets which are basically doughnuts made with yeast instead of baking powder so they’re light & airy inside while still being crispy outside when cooked properly making them perfect dunked into coffee anytime day or night.’

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastián is a beautiful city on the border of Spain and France. What makes it special is its seafood restaurants, but there is so much more to this city than just food!

San Sebastián has an amazing food culture that should be experienced by all culinary adventurers. The city has many different types of cuisine from traditional Basque dishes like pintxos (tapas) to modern Spanish fare with a French influence. There are also great seafood restaurants where you can enjoy fresh catches from local waters while dining on their docks overlooking the sea–the perfect combination!

Hong Kong

If you’re going to Hong Kong, you have to try the food. It’s a big part of the culture there and it’s not just about dim sum and wonton noodles–there are plenty of modern dishes that have been influenced by other cultures as well. For example, Sichuanese chicken and French toast are both fusion dishes that originated in Hong Kong and have become incredibly popular since then.

Another thing worth mentioning is how many Michelin-starred restaurants are located in Hong Kong; this means that if you’re looking for a culinary adventure while visiting this city, there will be no shortage of options!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a great city to visit, and it has some of the best food in Europe. If you’re looking for an adventure that includes food, Barcelona should be at the top of your list!

Barcelona is famous for its seafood paella (a traditional Spanish dish made with rice, seafood and vegetables). You can find many restaurants serving this traditional dish throughout Barcelona. There are also many markets where you can buy fresh ingredients such as fish or meat if you want to make paella yourself at home later on after returning home from Spain.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the best places to eat in the world. The food is delicious and cheap, spicy (but not so much that you can’t enjoy it), healthy and authentic. It’s also varied–there are hundreds of different dishes available that represent every region in Thailand–and abundant: you can get street food at any hour of day or night.

The best way to experience this culinary wonderland? Head straight for one of Bangkok’s markets where vendors sell everything from fresh fruit juices to barbecued chicken wings cooked on open fires right there on the pavement!

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal. It is located in the centre of the country on the Tagus River, about 15 km (9 mi) from its mouth. With an estimated population of 552,699 inhabitants as of 2018,[1] Lisbon is one of Europe’s oldest cities and considered one of its most important cultural centers.[2][3] The city is known for its historical landmarks such as Avenida da Liberdade (Liberty Avenue), Igreja de São Vicente de Fora (St Vincent Church), Torre de Belém (Belém Tower) and many others.[4][5]

Lisbon has been a crossroads for many peoples throughout history. In Roman times it was known as Olissipona or Olissipo; during Muslim rule it was named al-Ussbah[6] or Aulsabah (“The Suburb”). Its present name derives from Ulyssippo[7] (Greek: Οὐλισίππου),[8][9] during whose reign it was briefly capital of a Lusitanian kingdom before being conquered by Rome.[10] This legend may have come from medieval folk tales that associated Ulyssippo with King Solomon.[11][12]

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and it’s also home to many museums and galleries. You’ll find some of the world’s best architecture here too–from striking modern buildings to cobblestone streets that feel like they’ve been around for centuries.
  • The food scene in Copenhagen has been dubbed “World Class” by Michelin Guide inspectors, who awarded three stars to 17 restaurants in 2015 alone! If you want an authentic taste of Danish cuisine, don’t miss out on smorrebrod (open-faced sandwiches) served with pickled herring or gravlax (cured salmon). The city offers countless options for dining out at any budget level — from street food vendors selling hot dogs from a cart outside parliament building Christiansborg Palace to Michelin-starred restaurants serving haute cuisine inside palaces built over two hundred years ago by royalty who ruled over Denmark back then too!

London, England

London is a great city for food. It’s diverse, with a wide range of cuisines, and it has many Michelin star restaurants. London also hosts many food festivals in the summer months, including Taste of London and Borough Market Festival.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is a city of contrasts: modern skyscrapers and historic temples, ancient alleyways and futuristic malls, endless shopping and excellent food. The city is famous for its street food, but there are also many restaurants and bars that serve traditional Shanghainese dishes like dumplings (xiaolongbao), soup noodles (xiao long bao), sweetened soy milk or tea as well as Western fare like pizza or burgers.

Kyoto and Osaka in Japan.

Kyoto and Osaka are the two most important cities in Japan. Kyoto is a city of temples and shrines, while Osaka is known for its food culture. The latter is also famous for its nightlife, shopping and entertainment.

Both cities have much to offer culinary adventurers who want to try something new or discover local specialties at their best!


These are just a few of the many places in the world that we think you should visit. We know there’s so much more out there, and we want to hear about it! What are some of your favorite destinations? Let us know by tweeting @culinaryadventur and tagging #culinaryadventurer

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